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Dental Examination

Routine Oral Health consultation
Each time you visit the practice we will re-evaluate your dental health. We will reassess and record the health of your joints, teeth, gums and as ever, do an oral cancer screening. You will have an opportunity to discuss your treatment needs and decide which treatment would be best for you.
Initial “New Patient” consultation
The initial “new patient” consultation includes a detailed assessment of your mouth and surrounding areas. The consultation will also involve a screening for oral cancer. Your teeth, gums and soft tissue are closely examined and recorded. Your gum condition will be assessed as this is the foundation upon which everything else is based – good gums mean a healthy mouth! We will also undertake a screening of your temporo mandibular joints and muscles – this could be really important if you suffer from headaches and migraines or if you are beginning to wear your teeth down through grinding. We will discuss with you how you view your smile and how important this is to you. Finally we will give you a report and help you decide what treatments would be best suited to keep you healthy.
Small Intra Oral X-ray
These radiographs can be extremely important in helping us diagnose dental disease early making its treatment simpler.
Panoramic “Whole mouth” X-ray
This radiograph allows all the bone structures around your teeth and their roots to be examined.
Initial Implant Assessment
An hour assessment with Graham Stokes to complete a thorough examination of your teeth and oral health and to discuss the possibility of replacing missing teeth with dental implants.
Study Models
For complex work involving bridges, crowns or implants it is essential we assess fully the way you bite and grind together. Impressions of your teeth are taken to create models. The position and movement of your jaws are recorded and then the models are mounted on a Denar articulator that accurately mimics the way you bite and grind. Your teeth are then examined on the models tooth by tooth to see what effects the complex treatment may have on your biting pattern. This helps us to only alter your bite in order to improve and make it more stable.
Initial Endodontic Assessment
A 30 minute assessment with Giles Round to assess and advise you on the possibility of saving your tooth with Root Canal Therapy.

Hygienist Care

Hygienist Maintenance Therapy
Our team of hygienists can help you combat bad breath. A thoroughly cleaning and review of your home care techniques and advice on diet can help you have a fresh mouth.
Hygienist Specialized Gum Therapy
If your dentist feels that your gums need a little extra help you may be asked to see the hygienist over two visits. The hygienist will be able to give this extra help and to monitor if the gums are returning to full health.
Hygienist Full Gum Therapy
Severe gum disease affects the bone support of the teeth and is called periodontal disease. If you are suffering from this you may well need this treatment. The gum condition around each tooth is recorded in 6 different places and then the hygienist will begin a course of treatment over 6 or more appointments where the teeth are deep cleaned under local anaesthetic as required to ensure it is comfortable for you. The hygienist and the dentist will then reassess and monitor your gum condition to help you return to health

Cosmetic & Preventative Care

Tooth Whitening
Teeth darken with age. You can rejuvenate your smile easily with tooth whitening. This is at home and takes between 7-14 nights. Trays are made to fit snugly over your teeth and then a gentle whitening gel is placed in the trays next to your teeth. A brighter, whiter smile results!
Sports Mouth Guards
If you play a contact sport you can prevent dental damage by wearing a custom made sports guard. It is important that a mouth guard fits your teeth and gum accurately to give you the best protection. This type of accuracy can only be obtained from a correctly made mouth guard.
Fissure Sealants
You can help prevent dental decay by having you teeth fissure sealed. A plastic coating is bonded to the surface of the teeth to prevent decay starting.

Occlusal disease and Migraines

Laboratory Made Hard Acrylic Splint
Headaches and migraines may well be a symptom of Occlusal Disease. An occlusal splint is accurately constructed. It is then precisely adjusted over several visits to provide you with a perfect bite. This allows the muscles that move your jaw to relax so helping you relieve the pressures of constant headaches and migraines and stop you damaging your teeth at the same time.
NTI Splints
Occlusal equilibration is the careful re-modelling of the tops of your teeth to achieve a better bite. This may be indicated if you are having a large number of teeth crowned or if you suffer from multiple tooth fractures, headaches or migraines.
Soft Night Guards
Occlusal Equilibration

Restorative Dentistry

Bonded Amalgam Silver Restoration
When your tooth needs filling, a bonded amalgam filling is a good option in the back teeth. New techniques have enabled us to bond the fillings into the teeth. This makes the filling and the tooth much stronger than a conventional filling. It also cuts down on post operative sensitivity.
Tooth Coloured Restoration
If you can see your filling and want it to look like a real tooth, then coloured fillings are for you. We sometimes will use a rubber dam to separate the teeth from the rest of the mouth. This makes sure that the filling bonds properly to the tooth without any saliva contaminating it. This makes the filling last longer.
Porcelain Inlays
Large cavities can also be filled with tooth coloured restorations. Porcelain or composite inlays made in the laboratory are much stronger than conventional tooth coloured restorations. They can also be made to look almost invisible.
Gold Inlays
Gold inlays really are the gold standard by which all other restorations are judged. They are strong and long lasting and if the cosmetics are not so important these are possibly the best restoration for your tooth.
Porcelain to gold bonded crown
A crown is required when a tooth is badly broken or heavily restored. The tooth is prepared and impressions taken. A precise model is then made on which a hand crafted crown is made specifically for your tooth. Porcelain to gold bonded crowns combine the aesthetics of porcelain and the strength of gold. They are great for back teeth.
Procera Crowns
This new technology allows us to bond porcelain to a strengthened glass core and so eliminates the need for gold inside the crown. This makes the crown very strong but incredibly natural in its appearance. These are ideal for front teeth where cosmetics are important.
Porcelain Veneers
Broken, misshapen and discoloured teeth can be made to look great by a dental veneer. Your tooth is carefully prepared and then a porcelain veneer is hand crafted to fit your tooth precisely. It is then bonded to your tooth to make it look great again.
Porcelain to gold bonded bridges per unit
Gaps can be filled using bridges. The teeth either side of the gap are prepared and then the bridge is carefully constructed in the laboratory to fit your teeth. At a second visit the bridge is cemented permanently to your teeth.
Dental Implants
Missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants. A titanium implant is placed under the gum. The bone then integrates into the implant and so it becomes fixed. A restoration is then placed on top to give you back your smile and allow you to chew and eat with confidence.
Full Dentures
£950.00 (per arch)
Having no teeth need not mean having no smile. Dentures using modern, natural looking teeth that are hard wearing can be crafted to give you a beautiful smile.
Root Canal Therapy
Teeth no longer need to be extracted. Root canal therapy allows us to clean the infected tooth chambers and then thoroughly disinfect and seal them. The tooth will then heal and you will have saved your tooth and your smile.


When I first went to Graham I was petrified of dentists. Now, not only do I have a fantastic smile that I am proud of for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to see him and his team who have been fabulous to me and have helped to build my confidence in more ways than one. Lovely people and a talented dentist - funny too! Rachel Baker
Last year I found I required four root canal fillings. I was terrified of what lay ahead; I had heard such horror stories that panic set in. I can honestly say that I found the root canal fillings totally painless and Giles was superb. He explained everything to me in detail and allayed my fears. He even had a DVD player with a screen on the ceiling so I watched the test match and also films of my choice whilst having the work done. After the anaesthetic wore off, I had only minimal discomfort that was relieved by simple analgesia. All the staff at LHDP Smilecare have been wonderful throughout my year of extensive treatment and I can honestly say I no longer dread going to the dentist. Jo Mitchell
Thank you for all the excellent treatment, i.e. Implants, titanium bridge and crowns. I truly am delighted and you really have given me back my smile. Thank you once again Diane Cocks
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