Conscious Sedation & Nervous Patients

We understand that plenty of people feel nervous about having dental treatment, no matter how gently and carefully it is carried out. In some cases, dental anxiety can be so severe, it prevents sufferers from receiving essential treatment.

However, at Lansdowne House, we do everything we can to make your treatment journey as stress-free as possible. We deliver high-quality dental care in a warm, welcoming setting, which is designed to put you completely at ease and our friendly staff members will listen responsively to your concerns and always let you know what to expect.

We can also add to your comfort levels by offering conscious sedation while you undergo treatment. We are very fortunate to have Dr Harriet Moss as part of our team. Harriet is also a member of the teaching faculty at Birmingham Dental Hospital, where her work involves treating anxious and special needs patients with sedation. She also teaches sedation to undergraduate and postgraduate students, so she is well-versed at carrying out this calming procedure.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation involves the use of a safe, calming drug to help you feel completely relaxed and more willing to have treatment. It eliminates your worries, but you remain conscious and able to communicate with your dentist.

You will normally have two appointments. The first will be an assessment and planning appointment and the second will be when you actually have treatment under sedation. Your dentist and members of the dental team are trained in delivering this relaxing drug and will monitor you closely before, during and after sedation.


Treatment steps

After treatment
You will need a little while to recover after having sedation as you may feel drowsy and a touch unsteady on your feet. When you come for treatment, you must bring a companion who can take you home and keep a caring eye on you. You also won’t be able to drive or operate machinery until the drug has completely left your body which may not be until the next day. It is also unwise to make any important decisions for up to 24 hours following treatment.

If you are undergoing sedation, we will give you all the information you need to recover safely, including a telephone number to call if you have any problems.


When I first went to Graham I was petrified of dentists. Now, not only do I have a fantastic smile that I am proud of for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to see him and his team who have been fabulous to me and have helped to build my confidence in more ways than one. Lovely people and a talented dentist - funny too! Rachel Baker
Last year I found I required four root canal fillings. I was terrified of what lay ahead; I had heard such horror stories that panic set in. I can honestly say that I found the root canal fillings totally painless and Giles was superb. He explained everything to me in detail and allayed my fears. He even had a DVD player with a screen on the ceiling so I watched the test match and also films of my choice whilst having the work done. After the anaesthetic wore off, I had only minimal discomfort that was relieved by simple analgesia. All the staff at LHDP Smilecare have been wonderful throughout my year of extensive treatment and I can honestly say I no longer dread going to the dentist. Jo Mitchell
Thank you for all the excellent treatment, i.e. Implants, titanium bridge and crowns. I truly am delighted and you really have given me back my smile. Thank you once again Diane Cocks
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