LHDP Healthy Food Week

12th October 2018

We’ve been extremely busy this week during our Healthy Food Week (8th -12th October)

Who said salads are boring!? Our Dental Nurse, Lisa, can even make a salad look tempting!

Look at this amazing NO ADDED SUGAR cake made by our dentist Dr Bickley … packed full of goodness. Make the frosting with cream cheese and orange zest.

Keep your fruit bowl as colourful as possible. Make it look appetising. Beware that some fruits still have a high sugar content and try and keep them to meal times. Add it to natural yogurt or cereal in the morning … hide fruit and veg in your meals and even cakes!! Every little helps towards your 5 a day.

Final Tip of the week … If you can take the time to chop a few veggies and put them out in your kitchen at work, you’re less likely to grab sugary fatty snacks on the go! Take it in turns!! That’s what we do!

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